This comic marks the end of this continuity.  I have no idea where we are going after this, but I do know that I am moving all weekend and that internet access will be sparse.  You might get pictures of Carter naked. 9 panels.

Also, the last three panels of this strip were made as a strange punctuation that Carter had nothing to do with.  I would have presented it to him, were I not running around like a jerk, trying to get things accomplished.   Such as...

Internet in the new place.  I am about as sick of setting up internet as a person can be.  Why the fuck can't I tell them that I just don't care about their "Double Stuffed Freedom Package" and move on?  An hour on the phone is too much.  I'm trying to set up a very basic service, people.  As I type this, an inane, rehearsed, unenthusiastic sales pitch is being shrieked into my ear by, what can only be described as, a Chilean chicken-wrangling midget.  I'm positive.

Alright, I gotta go.


If what you have are burning questions about Elrond, today's strip should answer them in a satisfactory manner. If what you have is a burning sensation when you pee, then you should go see a doctor. Like, now.

I have no authoritative statements to make regarding my adopted city, as I really haven't been here long enough to know anything more about it than you do. I will say that everyone has an opinion about Los Angeles, despite most of them never having been there.

You all know the actor Billy Zane, right? He was in The Phantom and Demon Knight (my favorite Tales from the Crypt movie). Well, you will be thrilled to learn that I had dinner with him last night. And, by dinner, I mean I ate in a restaurant with him at the next table. And, by him, I mean I didn't know it was him until he had left and my dining companion asked me if I ever saw Titanic. Whatever. I'm chalking it up as dinner with a movie star.

I just wrapped up the 4th Season of Lost. I'm waiting for the episode in which the survivors stumble upon a room in the jungle that's full of people forced to write new episodes of Lost, perhaps as some sort of Sisyphus-style punishment. That would be on par with how much sense the rest of the show makes. But, like most serialized fiction, it doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't even have to be good. It just has to be on.

That doesn't remind you of any comics you read, does it?

A quick word on pagination: if you split an article on a website into more than one page for the purposes of increasing pageviews on your site's ads, you are the fucking devil and I want bad things to happen to you.

My main problem with this practice is that it's bad for everyone. It's bad for the reader because they have to keep clicking to read a single story. It's bad for the publication because it makes the readers not want to return to the website. It's bad for the advertisers because the readers ignore the ads anyway, and they still have to pay for the inflated pageview number. It's like when people pay other people to include links to their websites in spam mail. Is it ever effective in terms of influencing purchases?

I've fixed a rather serious problem with links in archived posts. You should be able to, you know, click them now.