This kind of situation is both awkward and easily avoided; just don't share a space with other people. Ever. Paul and I had a similar experience back when we were roommates in high school.

It was weird.

When I pitched this idea to Paul, his immediate reaction was: "Man. That's pretty dark." But I submit to you that, without the dark, one cannot appreciate the light. So rejoice in this oily blackness; cover yourself in it and sing the songs that you like to sing.

The time-rift that has opened between Paul and myself has proven to be something of an issue. Our writing cycles, which were never fully in-sync to begin with, now have this gaping chasm of the fourth dimension with which to contend. Also, Paul is moving all of his stuff from one place to another, a task that I wouldn't wish on anyone that I liked even a little bit.

I'm working on a way for Paul and I to share this blog space for each comic, but it's proving to be quite squirrelly. Who winds up using this space will largely be a function of whomever asks for it first.

I hope.