The darkness deepens.

In my experience, it's always best to dangle the children of women you're trying to bed over vats of snakes. This is why I sent this idea to Paul, and I take the fact that he drew pictures based on it as a tacit acknowledgment that he shares my position.

I've been told by someone I believe that kids are an invaluable part of society. What I'm waiting for; nay, what I crave, is how the people I don't believe are going to turn his centrist stances on education and personal responsibility into a communist manifesto.

Normally, we avoid discussions of the political variety on the site because it contaminates everything that is good, pure and funny with this Jets vs. Sharks bullshit that mires our best intentions in partisan hackery. I would give anything if we could have discussions about these subjects without questioning each other's patriotism, since we all seem to forget that dissent itself is patriotic.

That said, I'm still happy that my guy won. Moving on.

Some fruits of my West Coast labors will soon be borne, and I will direct you all toward my orchard once the... oh, to hell with the metaphor. The first LINK-live webcast will be September 23rd, and another website that I've been organically cultivating over the last few months will soon be announced. I will keep you all duly informed, but I'm not sure how can reach you all...