REPOST!  Don't know what the hell happened!

It has come to my attention that some of you ahem allofyou cough have not been digging this continuity. Well, fear not, dear readers.  We will murder the shit out of it soon.  Very soon.

I tried to get a good glow going on Nick here, but it kind of looks like he got himself enhanced at one of those mall kiosks where they spray paint your name onto a hat.  I kind of want to change "Digg This" to "Supa Fly" or maybe even "TOPP DAWG".

Random video game thoughts!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?  It's a refinement.  A good one.

DiRT (the original) is pretty sweet.  I borrowed it from a buddy to deal with my lack of internet.  It's not a sim, for sure, and that's what I like about it.  Plus, it's pretty.  If you had told me it was the sequel, I would believe you.

And finally...

Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway.  If you read this on September 17th and you own that game, go put it in your 360's disk tray for an easy 50 gamerpoints.  If you care.

What a goofy achievement.