Like my grandpa always used to say, "This pony is fucking dead and we should fucking eat it."

Grandpa never let me eat any, though. He would say, "But not you, kid.

You should go home to your parents. And you should probably stop hanging out under bridges with homeless guys."

Having 3 grandpas is the best.

I need to amend a previous statement. I said that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a good refinement. While that's mostly true, other parts feel like stripped-down simplifications that ultimately detract from the overall experience. The loot grinding aspect is all but gone, the character count is way down, and each of those characters only has two costumes. Also, I feel like I keep making Avenger teams that the game is not recognizing. Maybe it's just me.

And I have to agree with one of our readers: they do a very weird thing with a well established Marvel character.

I'm going to get into some Muramasa: The Demon Blade later today. If it looks as pretty in person as it does in screen shots, well... I'll be happy. Yeah.

Big finish!