I was quite the social outcast in high school. I'll give you a moment to overcome your complete shock at that revelation.

Is that enough time? Good.

Naturally, my teenaged avatar gravitated to the one place that socially retarded people are always welcome; the theater. Sure, we had some of the bastions of nerdery that exist today, like alt.lonelypeople.net and some pretty serious Quake LAN games, but the school failed to sanction any of these activities as "legitimate after school recreation."

What I'm telling you is that I've performed in musicals. On stage. So I have a small but robust collection of fond memories of my time in the theater.

What I don't have is lady parts, and like most men I try to quarantine myself from the horrifying knowledge of issues with which women must constantly contend.

I tell you about the musical indiscretions of my youth because it's the only reason that I was watching "Glee" on Hulu the other day. I probably won't ever again because most of the contextual commercials they showed me were for, ahem, feminine concerns. I guess now we know why.

On the bright side, I can now name some products that will help remove blood from cotton panties. Just in case I ever need something in that vein.

I've made mention before of the dire influence that Matt Damon's mustache has had on our collective creativity. As if to underline the importance of this facial hair-itude, NPR wrote something you might want to read. I plan on watching this movie at some point this week, and if there's a reason to see it I'll let you know.

If you have any interest in veterans issues and digital literacy, you should tune into Wednesday's LINK-live webcast. It's our first show since the inauguration, and we're really hoping to have lots of people show up and ask questions. There is information here, and the UStream page is here.