It seems like one of us is always sick.  Now it's me, again.

You guys playing that ODST?  You like Halo 3?  Enough to buy it all over again?  Relax.  I'm kidding.  Kinda.  There's enough in the game to intrigue me, to pull me into it's narrative, making me both yearn for more information and pissed that the previous Halo games weren't given this much backstory love.  I don't whether or not to be upset that my favorite part so far is the audio files you find via health station, pay phone (they still have those in 2552?) or ATM (not that kind of ATM, pervert).

I really wish ODST had just been part of Halo 2.  I mean, after all, fighting in the streets of New Mombasa was what they showed as the first glimpse of Halo 2.  Bungie would have risked a Raiden-in-place-of-Snake situation, but I have really appreciated the character of this little squad of bad asses.

And the music.  The music is very good at making you feel alone in a desolate city... if at times it is a little smooth jazz.