We have achieved Nerd-Factor-7. So long as 7 equals "uncomfortably fucking weird."

Today marks the first of what I predict will be a very successful campaign of reader interaction. We're going to be drawing inspiration for strips from 3-word poems written by you (and your unwashed companions) and emailed via the Internet to carter@crookedgremlins.com. Please get your submissions in by Monday afternoon (Eastern Standard Time) so that we have enough time to sort through them/create some comic brilliance.

The three words that made today's magic possible were submitted by one Mr. Ravenous Head. I'm told this illustrious creature resides in Western Pennsylvania. That's Zombie Country, in case you didn't know.

The season premiere of "Dollhouse" was last Friday. I watched it on Hulu, despite their hilariously inappropriate contextual ads. I don't know what to say about it, which is a really horrible fucking thing to say about it. I know a lot of people are going to stand by it, and sadly they'll have to do battle without me by their side.

It turns out that Paul is pretty good at video games. In fact, he was recently banned from XBOX Live because he was too good at Call of Duty. Or, rather, his level of skill caused some extra attention to be payed to his XBL profile, which used to include the URL of a certain comic about Gremlins. Apparently, someone at Microsoft looked at our website and determined that it violated the Live User Agreement to not link to sites with "questionable content."

There's no way of knowing what strip it was that brought the auditor to the conclusion that TCG is "questionable content," but I think I could guess.