Here we have the second of the "send us three words and we'll do stuff with em" strips.  These three words came from a serial_hilla via twitter, and they are magical.  I hope she enjoys what became of them.

We got some good entries.  None of which will be thrown out. (PLEASE KEEP SUBMITTING ) I think we got one more of these in us.  Personally, I could make comics this way all the time.  I think I might miss the gremlins, though.  Maybe there's a way to do both.

Have you all played the Brutal Legend demo?  After playing it, I realized that no other medium can compete with video games when they are running at full speed.  The writing alone puts Brutal Legend above most other anything I could even begin to care about.  That includes you, infant.  I'm sorry, but does that poo in your diaper spout witty one-liners?  No?  Well then, you'll have to find someone else to put out those flames.

And I only played the demo.  I think I may have to kick this baby come release day.

The only problem with Brutal Legend?  It comes out the same day as Uncharted 2.  Who would do such a thing!?  That is too much awesome for one day to hold.  I think we may have to post a comic that day to even things out.