I am loving this week.

Well, aside from the hangovers and spending all my money.

But the video games... oh yessss.   Also...

I am going to go see Where the Wild Things Are in a moment, after I post this here thingy there, guy.  I expect it to be nothing like the book, in that it will be a full length motion picture, and not a 20-some page children's book.  Also, a half drunk, naked man will not be reading it to me.

I doubt it's quality will dip as far as say The Cat in the Hat, but that movie had Alec Baldwin in it, right?  I fucking love that guy.  I didn't see that movie, but I love me some Jack Donague.  Maybe I'll just stay home and watch 30 Rock...

No, you idiot!  Stay the course!

See, people, you can be your own motivator.  Go get you some.