That's what he said?

This inspiration for this comic came from my own crazy sickness.  I am ill.  Not like the Beastie Boys' ill, either.

You know when you are so sick that clear thought cannot be found?  Like, someone asks "How do you feel?" and you respond with, "Like the inside of a flavored asshole."  That ever happen to you?

Well, how about fever dreams?  I remember being very sick as a child and having a dream about being a guard just inside some castle's gates.  Outside, angry villagers raged, changing the pace of their torch waving every few seconds and screaming about the queen.  They demanded she be surrendered to them.  I, being a guard, was of course employed by this woman.  Unfortunately, I appeared to be the only poor asshole to be hired for this particular station.  As the gates bent and swayed in that sickening changing of pace, threatening to break at a moment's notice, I finally awoke.  My mom had brought me some soup.

Moms are  the best when you're sick.

Now, I'm gonna pull a Tycho and end with an obscure quote that I like.

its the color when you're done dyin'