That's the name of a a Crue album, btw.  Red, White, and Crue.  Oh, the 80's.

I realized while drawing this that the stance I put ol' Hot Rod in was almost the same as another rocker I once drew for this site.  Oh well.  I guess that's my default rock stance.

Speaking of rock, and metal, and those sorts of things, I finally completed Brutal Legend.  I am a fan.  Unfortunately, though, it feels as if the main story is but a springboard to the multiplayer.  Because as soon as you get your final unit, the game is over, and there are no more stage battles in which to use your units.   So, if you want that part of the game, you have to go to multiplayer.  Not a big deal, as you can play as many AI battles as you want, but I thought for sure I'd be controlling the other two factions a little bit before the game came to a close.

Speaking of which, The Tainted Coil is confusing me a bit.  Anyone else try to use these guys yet?  What a crazy "build order", if you can call it that.

Besides the stage battles, I really appreciated the amount of metal you get in the game.  Metal is probably the one music type I haven't fully delved into (country doesn't, and will never, count).  I've always had interest in it, but I never amassed what I'd call a respectable collection.  Brutal Legend, with 100+ tracks of hand picked metal, has helped to open some doors to stuff I never even thought I'd like.

Progenies of the Great Apocalypse by Dimmu Borgir comes to mind.

Of course, the pillars of metal are all present and accounted for, and they are represented well in the song selection.  You'll find plenty from Sabbath, Motorhead, and the like.

If you have the ability to, I wholly recommend picking up Brutal Legend .  It's funny, fun, and the stage battles have a complexity I feel even I have yet to fully understand.  Also, it really is a beautiful game, something people rarely talk about when mentioning it.  Don't let it pass you by.