Is it wrong to laugh this hard at your own joke?  I feel like Jimmy Fallon on SNL.  Oh, wow.  That brought me back down.  Shit.

Anyway, this weekend is Halloween, one of the, if not THE best holiday of the year!  Too bad I celebrated last week!  I'm just kidding.  Because, that's the best part of Halloween!  People have parties nearly all month!

My friends and I take the holiday very seriously.  Costumes are judged hard.  I kid you not when I say my costume is the tits, the tiity-balls, the balls.  It is amazing.  It took my girlfriend 20+ hours to make and it shows.  If you know me (or are my friend on Facebook) you've already seen it.  For those that haven't, I'll post some shit on here post-weekend.  Hopefully, I will be hammered in the picture so you guys get a two-fer.

Also, I downloaded the Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA IV.  I had no idea DLC could be so expansive.

And so gay.


I was at a Halloween party last night, and someone came as The Goblin King from Labyrinth. How he got to be so awesome, I will never know.

The Real Life Bowie Bulge

The Real Life Bowie Bulge

It reminded me of one of our more popular comics, involving one Ziggy Stardust and his huge fucking bulge.