Seriously, well done, city guards.  I smell promotion.

For those who do not know, in Assassin's Creed 2, when your notoriety goes up, wanted posters start to appear around the city.  Unfortunately for the public, the posters often end up in places that would never, ever see human eyes.   I understand that this is a gameplay mechanic.  You are a nimble assassin.  Why put the posters on street level, where they are easy to remove?  No, instead, you need to climb your assassin ass to the top of that tower and remove the poster to bring your notoriety down.  Fun!

But hardly believable.

And there is the explanation of the joke.  You're welcome.

Overall, Assassin's Creed 2 is great.  Ubisoft has corrected so many of the glaring faults found in the first installment that it is impossible for me not to recommend it.  The mission variety has exponentially increased, with many of the missions arriving as linear, directed experiences (much like a level found in a Prince of Persia game), and there are secret things to find everywhere.

The world itself is massive, while eschewing the tedious in-betweens of the last game.  Fast travel is present, meaning once a location is travelled to via horseback or boat, you needn't do it the long way ever again, should you have 100 florins on tap.  I personally do not mind "the long way" in general when concerning Assassin's Creed 2.  I find the most enjoyable parts of this game to be the atmospheric bits.  The sense of time, place, and character are unparalleled in my eyes.  Other games have come close to this level of immersion for me, but none have really made me feel there quite like this.

The game is not without faults.  No game is.  You will occasionally send Ezio flying of a building to his death unintentionally, due to the contextual nature of all the game's controls.  Carter says this is bad game design.  I think it is a mostly successful, imperfect solution to an amazingly ambitious task; making the player really feel like an assassin, and not necessarily a video game character.  I prefer  this, as I would rather my avatar stay in character, rather than be able to jump up and down 20 times for no good goddamn reason.


A mostly successful romp through an assassin's gorgeous world?  I'm in.  Big time.