That's right, my little Underdarklings; we have a new store. We've been kicking ideas for this thing around for quite some time and this seemed the perfect moment to pull the trigger.

I want to talk about the Magnets we have on offer, because I know $20 for 5 might seem a little high. I used a print shop out here in California that specializes in vehicle wraps for cars. Here's how the owner/operator of the shop described their durability:

"If you keep the magnets inside, they will outlive whoever bought them. If they are attached to something outside, they will last several years."

For a sense of scale, here's a photograph of me standing next to The Eternal Struggle.


The other magnets are as follows:

  • W.A.N.G., the WANG
  • The Marlboro Mustache
  • Canilabrus Fallare
  • The Crooked Gremlins logo
These magnets are a one-time run for some economical reasons that I don't fully understand but I'm told are quite compelling.

We're also officially starting the pre-order for the Mötley Jüe Tee today. You can get it as black on white or white on black.