Racism. Is it ever not funny? Probably.

I want to talk for a moment about originality. Recently, someone called us out for stealing something. Specifically, BABYCHUCKS.

They said we had stolen it from the guy who did 8 Bit Theatre, a webcomic I was unaware of.

First of all, after looking into it, his thing was swordchucks, two swords strapped together... well, you get it. Ours was babychucks, two babies... you also get the idea. He had a problem with that. Am I to believe that, from this point on, no one can combine two things and call them whatever-chucks? The answer, simply, is fuck no, you fucking fuck.

Second, am I supposed to have read everything on the internet before venturing to create something I think is funny? The answer, simply, is fuck no, you fucking fuck. If I made a joke about ninjas, pirates, or any other commonly used internet fare, I am sure it already would have been a fucking meme at some point.

So, basically, if you ever find yourself going "SIMPSONS DID IT!" when it comes to this comic, please, go fuck your own ass. We do not steal.

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