We almost abandoned today's strip because of our inability to find an acceptable punchline. We discussed, at great length, different kinds of crap for which this zombie could have been responsible, and each possibility stank of a cheap and easy joke. When we realized that that was the joke, well, the result is before you.

I had mentioned to Paul a possible Sarah Palin joke, but we have mutually agreed that the strip is now a Palin-Free Zone. We even wrote a strip about it, but the mere act of mentioning her name would count as a Palin joke, thereby violating the very treatise we were attempting to enact. So here's a sketch, not a strip, that embodies how we feel about the subject.

Click for the full image

Click for the full image

I'm back in Los Angeles, after having attended the Child's Play charity dinner. You can feast your eyes on some images I brought back with me, if that's the kind of thing you're in to. I tried my best to come up with things to talk about with Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade, but I simply wasn't able. I found myself drowning in adrenaline and nervousness - it was all I could do to ask for some pictures with them.

When I met Kris Straub and Brad Guigar at Connecticon, I somehow found the courage to hand them both Crooked Gremlins cards. Nowhere was such audacity to be found in Seattle. But I did get to tell Wil Wheaton how much I loved his work on The Guild, which was pretty satisfying.

Oh, and did we mention that we did a guest strip for Dueling Analogs? Cause, you know, we did.