I have not been playing my 360, because it is acting up.  I think it's the hard drive.  Save games are disappearing or reappearing as different saves, some arcade games just do not load, and to top it off, my L4D2 achievements have gone batshit insane.  One of them says I have 26 out of the 25 required whatevers, yet it is still locked.  I don't get it.

So, I've been playing the PS3.

Got into some Pixel Junk Shooter and I'm liking it.  I'm not loving it, but I have never loved any Pixel Junk game.  While people had hard-ons for Eden, I was a flacid, floppy man.  That game got old quick.

Shooter at least has more going on then Eden, with more game mechanics and an overall better "feel".  The pacing is way better as well.  Even though you are sometimes asked to revisit areas for pickups, it is nothing like Eden's grind.  Rather than doing the same goddamn thing every level, each brief area in Shooter introduces a new layer to the game, with each subsequent area adding even more layers.  This makes for clever little logic puzzles that are just the right size for consumption.  I find myself playing a handful of these, moving on with my life, and coming back later for more.  This would make a great portable game.

I also checked out the Trine demo.  There is a lot to like, but some of the game mechanics feel floaty and weird.  It's not bad enough to keep me from wanting the full game, but it's just a little off.  I'll probably drop the 20 beans on it after the new year.

In Gremlin News, the guest strip we did for Dueling Analogs made the Weekend Webcomiq Roundup over on Joystiq! Woot!  If you don't mind, we'd appreciate it if you'd go give it a vote.

Also, have you seen the store yet?  It's design is designed to have sex with your eyeball's design.