Merry Holidays, Underdarklings.

This took 12 hours.


Well kids, we made it another trip around the sun. It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed, and how far the comic has come since then. We've increased our readership by some large undetermined number, but it's an order of magnitude that cannot be ignored. I hope that number continues to increase, until Paul and I are forced to have an awkward conversation regarding who's work they all like more.

That is a silly statement. What typically makes it to the site is some kind of radical chimera that neither of us could have produced if we were working on our own. But conflict between two people that have, for one reason or another, bound themselves together in a relentless kind of toil, is very funny to me.

As for the holiday season, I've forgotten that time spent with the family can be rejuvenating in a way that rivals even a profitable weekend in Vegas. There's something about food prepared by a loving relation that washes away those feelings of irritation and impatience.

We went to see "Sherlock Holmes," and it wasn't horrible. Parts of it were fantastic. I would recommend you go see this, and bring along some people you don't mind being around too much.

In line with a new tradition, I'm giving prints of the Christmas comic to my family members. I've, um, altered it slightly so that it appeals to a somewhat broader palette than the one you yourself are likely possess.

I wonder what kinds of looks I'll get at the photo-printing place this year. Remember the story from last Christmas?


I didn't think it would come to this.

So we made it, both of us, through the holidays alive. However, I an still in transit an I can't reach Paul. And, of course, we have no comic "buffer" of which to speak.

The long an short of it is that I am posting this update from my goddamned phone riding back from LAX. We are going to miss our update today, and for that we are sorry.

I didn't post this earlier because, as I said, I never thought it would come to this.

Check back early tomorrow. We will have that Gremliny goodness that cats crave.