What up, Hobos!

That's "hobos", with a "b". Relax, you oversensitive so-and-sos.

We did a stick figure hobo strip last xmas-times and Carter called me up and said we should do another one, he said, "Hey!  We should do another one!" So, I offered him this. And he accepted. END OF STORY!



FAGGO -- oh ho ho, almost!


middle finger


We're on the Top 20 list at IsItFunnyToday.Com. Twice.

Since they only list a comic as "today" if it was made in the last two days (I know), we've never even had a chance of appearing on the Top 20 twice at the same time. But we went up late yesterday, so we're currently rocking the Number 12 and 20 spots. Why, with a few more clicks from our adoring fans, we could be at 11 and 19!

Tell us you love us!

Tell us you love us!

Also, I'm going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next weekend, representing RealPoiltech. My work in the web-o-tubes notwithstanding, I have secured an invitation to a blogger's party with nothing more than a link to this very site! For some inexplicable reason, the event coordinators looked at this comic and decided I deserved to come for free booze and some nerd schmoozing. I will be "tweeting" this event, which is to say that I will have a constant excuse to avoid social interactions with people I don't know.