This one's for the nerds.

Demon's Souls, like any RPG, allows you to advance experience levels.  It does it via this lady here, the Maiden in Black.  Every time you approach her, this is her actual prompt.  "Then touch the Demon inside me."  I thought it funny.  So did Carter.

Only the true nerds will get that title, though.

BTW - When looking for reference to draw the Maiden in Black, I came across this:


Seems  everybody likes to sex up that which ain't so sexy.  I know, I know.  I can hear you now, internet guy...

Demontouch2About the game itself...

Demon's Souls is hard.  Well, it's tough.  It's unforgiving really.  It's not that doing the things you are supposed to do is difficult.  No, it's that, if you fail, you are punished severely.  There's even a boss that, no shit, hits you with a certain attack that causes you to lose 3 xp levels.  Let me put that in perspective.  I have been playing for 14 hours and I am at level 38 xp.  Is it starting to become clear?  Ridiculous.

That's not to say it isn't fun.  It is.  I am addicted.  But the game does very little to communicate things to you.  If you do plan on playing this game, I suggest reading the ENTIRE Demon's Souls wiki first.  I made the mistake of consuming a major demon's soul for currency, only to find out later that you need that soul to create the best bow in the game.  Can you get another of that soul?  Can you find another like it? No and no.  Start over.