I gave a card to a representative at CES who was involved with the content network for Sony e-readers and PSPs. I'm only sad that I won't be in the room when they load the site up. Obviously, this is a possibile outcome.

I have a strange inferiority complex about my nerd street cred. Paul and Fume5 are always going on about games I've never heard of, I'm blown away by the design techniques of what I'll call design nerds and I'm really not all that good at math. The point is that being a nerd means, to me, knowing about shit most other people don't, and I usually feel like I'm playing catchup.

I didn't know how ubiquitous solar cels have become. I didn't know there are $30 devices that can charge any USB-powered device by continually pulling on a ripcord. I didn't know that most of the technology that I find to be innovating and cool is, tragically, "yesterday's news." After a few days at the Consumer Electronic's Show, I had only begun to plumb the depths of my ignorance.

I doubt I'll go again. It was fun and all, but Las Vegas is not a city of wide and varied experiences and possibilities for me. There is a set schedule of debauchery that I have had no luck yet in breaking, and so as long as the show is near the Desert Jewel I don't think I'll be attending.

I also didn't know, though I should have been able to guess, that a pretty blonde girl can get you right to the front of "take pictures with the celebrity" lines. I got these pictures faster because my business partner can wear a cocktail dress during the It Won't Stay In Vegas blogger party.

LaVar Burton is actually quite jacked.

LaVar Burton is actually quite jacked.

Data was kind enough to let us cut the line...

Data was kind enough to let us cut the line.

But these pictures did come at a price. When I saw the disapproving looks from the honest nerds who refused to try and circumnavigate the requisite waiting period for an opportunity to say hi to some childhood heroes (I honestly didn't see them at first), a part of me felt bad. Not a big part, but it was enough. I mean, we're not animals. We have rules.