This joke kinda spawned out of my hatred for my own laptop.  It is on the way out and that sucks, not just because I create the comic on it, but also because I cannot replace it.  So....


It's five years old now and has a very hard time STAYING THE FUCK ON. Kind of a hindrance when trying to crea... oh look!  There it went!  There was about a three minute lapse between those ellipses and these words.  That time was, of course, filled with rage and confusion and a lot of excessive button pressing.

Oh, technology.  My relationship with you is like that between "Cool Ethan" and "Angela" from the movie Slackers.  I love you, but I hate you.  I made a hairdoll out of you and I ride a unicycle.  Plus, I have 11 toes.

This analogy is broken.

Happy Friday, assmonkeydouchetardfuckbunnydudemanspaceboyfeetfacedudedudes.