I wanted to name this "Gay on 'til morning", but didn't want to over-stimulate with "gay".

That came out wrong.  I think you know what I mean.

Any of you guys playing Devil May Cry 5 Bayonetta?  It's good, but it's fairly similar to something I've played before.  I can't put my dual revolvers on it, but I'm willing to bet my smarmy one-liner you know which game I mean.

People (reviewers) are saying it is revolutionizing action games.  I have no idea why they are saying this.  It just feels like another action game to me.  Am I missing something?  It has so much in common with Devil May Cry 3, it's ridiculous.  Maybe I just need to play more of it.

BTW - DMC3 wasn't overly hard.  I don't understand how it got this reputation.  In fact, it was my favorite in the series.  Rolling "Gunslinger" with Ebony and Ivory as your primary and the shotgun secondary lead to some of the most awesome combos I've ever seen.  It was a game whose rewards were so satisfying that I played through it almost 4 times.  I doubt I will do that with Bayonetta.

Then again, I never really do that anymore.