This is going to be the quickest post ever, because I want some mo' Mass Effect 2 in my life.

I got a late entry for that template thingy from Noah from over at, a site I had never crossed paths with, even though Carter insists he brought it to my attention.  Shows how much I listen.  Carter was a fan and now so am I.  It's actually something I don't think I could do.  If you are not familiar, drawnbymouse strips(?) are actually animated.  And they are great. Go take a look!  Comic!  Go!  Feet!  Mass Effect!

Courtesy of Noah

Courtesy of Noah

I want a shirt that says "I respect you as a professional".

Also, I asked Michael Firman of Moe comics to do a guest strip for us and he said yes.  I can't wait.  If you are not familiar with Moe, you need to go take a look at that too.  Hasten not, young internetman.


I love the show Castle on NBC. Or ABC. Or CBS. I don't actually know because I watch it on Hulu. Where I saw this:

Click for a larger view of the same stuff.

Thumbnails of the past 4 episodes

Now, I know that cop shows must follow a formula, and that similar shots are likely to occur. But, c'mon. You've got Captain Mal Reynolds on your show. Look alive.