If there is ever a sentence I never want to actually say to a man, it is: "How good does your dick feel?"

Just sayin.

Like, when would that even apply? Your buddy gets into a horrible car accident, an accident that mainly effects his crotch, somehow, so when you see him in the hospital, you say it as like, a real query?  "How. Good. Does. Your. Dick. Feel."

"Are they giving you dick medicine?"

"What kind of painkillers would you like on your dick?"

No. Never. Not even.

Carter had nothing to do with this comic. I made it up as I went, something that is probably ill-advised. Well, that's what happens when we've got nothing lined up.  I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect 2, so there's the influence. It's a fantastic game, by the way, one that will stay with you when you are not playing it. It's like dirty crotch smell, but better.

Apparently, I have one speed.  And it is "Dick".

Anyway, I did some drawings (for fun!) of a couple of Mass Effect characters that I like. Nerd! I put these up on the blog I keep on 1up already, because I am impatient when it comes to showing people things I have made.  Enjoy!

The Assassin

Subject Zero