Treading some familiar ground here.

Sorry, but I've been playing Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow again (It's awesome, by the way) and I watched Let the Right One In last night (Also awesome, by the way). I watched a dubbed version, which is never my preferred way of taking in a foreign movie. I'd much rather read some subtitles and actually hear an actor act, regardless of my ability to understand the words spoken. Tone is universal. So the fact that it was still good dubbed speaks to its credit. I think I'll try to track down a subtitled copy.

Bioshock 2's MP has revealed its layers to me, like a sexy onion. It's the first game in a while whose team deathmatch is my preferred mode. I'm usually an objective kind of guy, but I feel like I'm running up against a brick wall every time I play Turf War or Capture the Sister. Either way, I have played more multiplayer than single player at this point. That probably counts for something.

You playing it?