I think this was the best way to do this idea. I played around with it for a while until I ended up with something that just felt good.

That's what she said.

I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! It made this the most hassle-free comic of the past year of my life. This computer is a beast. Photoshop opens in around 3 seconds. To put that into perspective, while Photoshop was opening on my old machine, I would go play a couple rounds of CoD. True story. Well, not any more baby!


I even have a sneaking suspicion that I could play some higher quality games than I am used to on a Mac. Here's hoping this thing can run Diablo 3 when it drops.

In 5 years.

As far as games I have been playing, I picked up No More Heroes 2, which means 66% of my Wii collection has "No More Heroes" in the title. It's great, especially if you like constant dick jokes, an 8-bit aesthetic, and the best use of Wii controls that I have experienced. Just because I only own 3 Wii games doesn't mean I've only played 3 Wii games.

So, yeah, check out No More Heroes 2 if you have the ability.