Let me explain that title. I submitted some entries to the Escapist's web comic contest. And yes, my strip was to be called "SUPER AWESOME MEGA GO!"

I did not win.

This was my favorite of the bunch, so I figured I'd post it here. There are others, but, well, I didn't win for a reason.

Carter and I have cooked up some more chitlins for y'all chillun, and you'll eat them. Oh, yes. We will shove them down your throat. But, before that happens, Carter gets a shot at his own guest strip. See you guys Monday.

St. Patty's is the worst of holidays.


We have, in our possession, a round of prints that are, admittedly, a little overdue. I offer photographic evidence, as you all have legitimate grounds to doubt this statement:

Pure Comedy, in 110 lb. Gloss

To make up for this egregious breach of store protocol, we've both signed the prints, and provided a full 50% more product than originally promised.

You knew you could buy prints, right?