This comic is in response to all the great "boob work" in GoW3. It is truly something to behold. snicker

The following is in response to the "You don't like GoW2?!" stuff I received. Obviously, there will be spoilers.

Examples of why I didn't love God of War 2:
-Running along those chains to the giant horses, twice. This is a pacing thing. It's not fun to hold an analog stick in one direction for that long. It's not. Boo. I remember feeling this sense of tedium throughout GoW2. This might not entirely be the game's fault. I played the original 3 times. I was probably just burned out.
-The Sister's of Fate. If I can just rewind time, why don't I go stop myself from killing my family. Problem solved.
- The whole dying-only-takes-you-to-another-physical-place-that-you-can-leave thing. This is when GoW's plot started to feel like cheesy comic books.
"Cap is dead!!!"
"Is he?"
"Well, no. But he got a new costume."
-You don't actually defeat the last boss in God of War 2. Ares was an amazing fight that ended climactically. Round one of Zeus ends when you accidentally stab someone else. Then you say, (in the voice of Nick Nolte) "Aww hell, Zeus! Now, you come on back here!" Credits roll. See you in 4 years.
Now, these problems might make you say, "Then why do you like God of War 3? All this plot stuff carries over, dickmunch!"
First of all, this game is on the PS3, so the wow-factor has returned as far as the graphics and pacing are concerned. Fighting the titans, although infrequent, is something the other games just didn't so. It's spectacular. Second, it's the "last one" in the series. Everybody is dying, and I get the sense that they are actually dying for good. Although, of course, this is not always true. Somebody always pulls the last gasp attack. Including Zeus. Just fucking die already, dude.
The combat is always good in God of War, which is why I like all of them. God of War 3 has the best combat system and weapons, so it gets the nod as my favorite to play. The first chapter's story is still the most complete for obvious reasons.