I had no idea what to name this strip, so I picked an 80's TV show and put in "dudes". Done.

As of tomorrow, Carter and I will live together. That is why this strip exists. We play a lot of video games. We need fat pipe. All of these things are true.

I bought the new maps for Modern Warfare 2 and immediately regretted this decision. After playing Battlefield, a game that lets you breathe, laugh and love, I just did not enjoy going back to the crack-cocaine pace and wannabe rapper-racist-homophobe filled lobbies. It's not even that we (friends buying the maps made a big impression on my purchasing decision) did that badly. We didn't. We won games.

I think... I think I may have just moved on, MW2. I'm sorry, but my heart just isn't in it anymore. You can keep the 1887s. I know how much you like them.