Feels like we hadn't seen Nicholas in a while. If you share that feeling, don't worry. I hear tell the entire ensemble is going to be making the rounds in the comic in some upcoming strips.

To answer your first question; yes, I purchased an iPad. It's going through a syncing ritual of some sort at the moment and my input is not required.

The fact that I'm waiting for my entire library to sync to it instead of immediately scampering off to play with it in a corner for seven hours is telling of my emotional growth over the last few years. Patience is a virtue, and I feel as if I'm getting more and more virtuous by the day.

To answer your second question, which is undoubtably on the subject of Budget Truck rentals, the verdict is in; they are second-rate dog fuckers and you should never utilize their services. They called down the thunder, and dammit I shall deliver it unto them.

Our office is getting closer to something I can show you, but due to my recent travels I have been unable to apply the correct amount of awesoming to this joint. I know that isn't news per se, but I don't want to talk more about the iPad until I've actually used the fucking thing and it already seems to be the only thing anyone else is writing about.