We begin today a continuity, as was foretold by the Oracle.

I'm certain that each generation will experience the Star Wars franchise in different ways, and their experience will likely dictate how they feel about the different episodes. I would like to think that it's universally understood that the line

"I wish I could just wish my feelings away."

is complete shit, but who knows. To someone who never saw the originals (the original originals, not the re-releases) that might be as good as it ever gets in that galaxy far, far away. The lens through which they view that universe might be shifted so drastically that they can't imagine anything better.

Perhaps, with time, people will forget that Solo used to be more of a badass because Greedo never got a shot off, or that Sarlac was not a giant sand octopus, or that the music of the Ewoks is beautiful and primitive, not whatever half-baked chorus line the re-release has in it.

Maybe it will simply not be discussed that there was a time when The Force was a binding energy that connected all living things in a spiritual and mystical manner, rather than a blood-borne pathogen that gave you magic. I wonder if this conversation will still be had 40 years from now, or if the sands of time and brand repackaging will grind the obelisks of our memories into fine dust.

Jesus, that went to a strange place, imagery-wise. Let's move on.

My recently completed relocation is proving to be freakishly normal. I figured that going from abject privacy to being around people most of the time would be something akin to culture-shock, like when you go to Germany for the first time and realize that it's considered rude, when meeting a stranger, to not share in some soft-core Scheiße pornography with them.

By and large this has been an easy transition filled with positive outcomes, the most notable being that the comic is easier to make. We sit in the same room and write it instead of languishing on the phone for hours, hoping the other one says something funny. Right now, we're both doing our part on today's strip; he actually produces the thing and I try to not bore the living hell out of you for six or seven paragraphs.

Well. I guess we'll see you all Friday.