You could call our intrepid duo's actions today a tantrum, or possibly an overreaction. We choose to call it retribution. See, when they found the entity that stole from them, extracting justice in the form of physical punishment was their first instinct; this is nature at work. My first instinct, after having been totally boned by Budget Trucks, was to write a strongly-worded letter to the president of the company.

This is, I suppose, what progress looks like.

Daring Fireball is one of the four or five websites that I actually make a point to visit daily. I came across this piece about a possible test model of the next iPhone, and I knew what was coming; bloggers talking about how all the other bloggers are going "crazy" over the pictures or "debating" whether or not the phone is an actual iPhone or a Chinese knock-off or if it will have this feature or that body type...

I don't understand what the "debate" is meant to be about. It's an Apple product that will be bought by lots and lots of people. I will likely be one of them. It will be better than the current model in a few key ways. Everything else, up to and including the part about a front-facing camera, is pure conjecture. It's very hard to give a shit when the product will be released in the next few months anyway and there's no money in giving a correct prediction (or any reason to believe that you'll be right the next time around).

The only thing that I find remotely interesting about this story is how a test product from Apple, one of the most secretive and locked-down organizations in recent human history, managed to reportedly find its way under the table of a San Jose bar.

I mean, I know how I would find my way there. But I'm a person. Not an iPhone.

Speaking of iPhones, I have come to the realization that having the Crooked Gremlins app be iPad-only is pretty dumb. It's just that the iPad version was my first priority. Now that I understand the tools a little better I hope to submit a Universal Binary shortly. I'll keep you guys posted.

Also, Splinter Cell? Yes. Very much so.

Remember, if you buy it using this link, we get a taste.