Problem: Summer Movies. Where do you get them? Everywhere. Literally everywhere.

Pretty sure Iron Man 2 kicks off the summer movie season next week. Get ready for - you guessed it - explosions. But that will be nothing like the face-searing action you'll find in Explosion City! How many explosions does your movie have? Im sorry, what?! Did you say "12"? Hey, that's pretty good. Except, I forgot... IT ISN'T! HAHAHA!

How about 12,000 in Explosion City, Nancy?! That's right! There are over 14,000 explosions every ten minutes. Don't settle for less exploding! With over 15 Million explosions every second, your face won't know what the f%#k hit it. Unless your face knows explosions, which it will, after seeing Explosion City. Explosion City will explode all explosion expectations you have exploding from your previous explosion experiences. Explode.

Suck a D, Big Bang.