Oh no, they're homeless?! Where's Retrac and his stupid name?! What will become of the Gremlins?! Do you know?!

No, seriously, if you know, please email me. Thanks.

I forgot to make mention of a friend's site that I was made aware of last Friday, while completely hammered, at a metal show, which was awesome. The site is Champyinz.com. If you aren't from Pittsburgh, probably don't bother. I just thought they made some bad ass t-shirts. The band, also from Pittsburgh, is called October, and they rock socks. I can't find a site, and they don't have anything to buy. It's criminal, really. The fact that I can only scratch that itch live fucking kills me. Check them out if you ever get a chance to.

And now a quote from a band that is not metal, but is my favorite.

"Man shot to the moon I bought a paperback and want to go real soon I'm shot to the moon Been there a half an hour, I want to come home soon"