This is what having a character-based comic is: we have a stable of characters whom we saddle up and ride for specific purposes. That feeling of stability and safety is what you get in exchange for the excitement and possible disease that comes from anonymous inter-comi-course with exotic and strange webcomics.

It's like a marriage. Only with slightly more therapy.

Speaking of which, Paul and I have completed our own relocation to an environment largely free of blood-sucking parasites that hunt us in our sleep like dozing gazelles. Rest assured that this new spot is much more photogenic and hate-inducing than the old place, and as such you will be seeing some images of the jpeg variety up here soon. Since I promised similar pittchers of our previous joint, allow me to share the only ones I have.

We're technically without Internet at the moment, meaning that the last two comics have been brought to you via hijacked bandwidth. Please know that this is a crime of necessity, not desire; we'd love to pay Comcast for Internet, but they seem reluctant to dispatch one of their shamans to our new location and commune with his dark lord in order to provide us with swift, easy access to porn. I hope they know it is their inattention that forced us into this life of crime. Perhaps that weight on the conscience will cause them to act.

As it stands, it looks like we'll be siphoning binaries from our good neighbors for the next week or so. Let's hope none of them figures out what the hell a WEP is.