Many wonderful events have transpired since last you and I saw each other. First and foremost, we have our own Internets! This has to be, for a non-believer like myself, the closest approximation of personal contact with the divine; for, like the Judean carpenter himself, I have been wandering in the wastelands, lost and without hope, and finally found myself sated with more food and drink than I ever thought I could find.

Also, we celebrated Paul's birthday Saturday night. A mad woodsman was in attendance. You all may know him as African 9 Iron on XBL, which is still one of my favorite handles to date. There's a double, perhaps even triple entendre going on there, but I respect you too much to explain it in detail. Anyway, I mention the birthday party because Paul's gift from me was Split/Second, a game whose first level is named "Rigged to Blow." It's almost like the game developers wanted us to make a comic about it, which is precisely the kind of customer relations that will earn you a life-time devotee.

This party marked the first time I've had a chance to really enjoy our new lodgings. I've been busy with many other things, not the least of which is my own copy of Split/Second. It's enjoyable, but very intense. Like most Disney products.

I have promised pictures of the new office, and they are forthcoming. It's merely my shame at my own inability to put away the rest of my shit that is stopping me. My cohort's area has been embarrassingly neat since the day we moved in, and I can't bring myself to share my failures with you.


So I have promised, so shall I deliver. Here is where the magic occurs, if magic is the act of assembling comic panels and websites.

Panorama (click for the full size)

Paul's side

Where I get it done

Dude One

Dude 2