So Paul's got me hooked on the Minibosses and Sleigh Bells, which my headphones are pumping into me at this exact moment. Well, I guess if I'm being totally honest, I'm listening to one of Pandora's ads featuring the World's Most Interesting Man, but gestalt-wise I'm in an electronica/metal wonderland.

The Prince of Persia movie was a disappointment. I trusted, possibly for the last time, the star rating of the aggregate reviews on Google Movies (3.5/5 is a solid number, even with the few reviewers that are inevitably out of their fucking minds). There are snippets of dialogue that sound exactly like a tutorial for the game. It'd be like a Contra movie in which Bill, as he lay dying in Genbei's arms, suggests that he invoke the sorcerer's spell "Up Down Up Down Left Right (you see where I'm going with this)…" followed by a gasping, eye-locked moment in which we learn that it's "the only way we'll make it." Just… dumb. I hope Disney doesn't get the Assassin's Creed rights.

Before I bought my iPad, there was a very brief moment in which I considered the possibility that I should wait for a 3G enabled device. Of course I knew my pulsating desire to grasp the tablet right now would win out in the end, but I engaged my justification turbines long enough to come up with a few reasons why I wouldn't need 3G. Turns out "not having my email address wind up in the hands of a group of hackers that call themselves 'Goatse'" was a reason I should have investigated.

Really, though, I don't know that I would care if they had. My email address is readily available to anyone with even a passing interest. It has to be; I'm a freelance web designer by trade. How else are my clients supposed to shower me with praise and cash monies?

Don't think I'm defending AT&T; I'm absolutely not. Dropped calls are the single biggest reason that my iPhone has come dangerously close to being embedded in the dry-wall on a bi-weekly basis. But can someone tell me what a disparate email address, without a real name or any other contextual data, can do for someone? Yes, it's likely an address that this person actively uses (and therefore would be of immense value to spammers), but you're telling me that the earliest of adopters don't know how to effectively block spam?

Maybe someone out there can drop some knowledge on me.