Not usually what you get around these parts.

I've been reading Shel Silverstein books. Since my mind stopped developing at the age of 8, this should come as no surprise.

Seriously, the man was good at what he did. The Giving Tree still has the ability to choke me up. It's just such an awesome little love story. Then there's some of his stuff that's just funny to me, regardless of the lack of dick joke. Like this one, for example:

The Battle

Would you like to hear

Of the terrible night

When I bravely fought the---


All right.

Yes, he uses that form of "alright". Anyway, we'll get back to our regular crudeness in no time at all. Oh, and I got a couple of responses to the "add your own text" thing from last week. Enjoy, two-people who-actually-read-this-strip.

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