There are some days that we have stuff to do. Lots of stuff. So what do we do on those days? We do our stuff, then we do the comic no matter what.

It's funny how dedicated we've become to this thing. Like, what does it bring us? What's the ROI? NotfugginmuchItellyou, but for some reason, it always gets done. It's almost more like an addiction than anything else, if we're lucky. Fuck, most addictions at least get you laid some of the time.

Drunks go to bars. 'Nuff said.

Smoking weed means you already have a bunch in common with like, half of America. Boners.

Heroin addicts are just plain sexy. Boners.

And what creates more street boners than anything else? That's right, Meth Mouth.

Comics? Yeah, the ladies don't really like the comics. You feel like your given 'em some extra pages? They're not into that. No, you think you're like, "Oh, takin it to the limit." But maybe they are though, they're into that... You know what the test is? You just say, "Pick one out, honey. You read what you like." And then sometimes she'll be readin' them really hard, and you're like, "Wait... you like that? ...You like that? Slow down or I'm gonna spurt. Uhp! Ahh, sorry. Shouldn't've fucked me so hard."

Yeah... I like that last part too much to change it. Deal with it.