We have returned from our weekend excursion with most of the original skin we took with us, so I'm placing that one firmly in the "W" column.

I've come to realize that the Facebook cascade of Birthday wishes is the digital equivalent of being sung Happy Birthday by your friends; you can't do or say anything until it's over, lest you insult everyone you don't thank individually. I'm giving it until later today to issue my blanket statement of appreciation, at which point I ask you direct your well-wishes to the charity of your choice.

Since it is required by law that I have a great deal of self-indulgent fun today, I'm going to see Inception at the local IMAX-ery. Some appropriate degree of debauchery will follow; check tomorrow's police blotters for any additional information you crave.

The only thing of value that I've learned this last year is the same thing I keep learning; that I've got oh-so-much left to learn.

That, plus Nip/Tuck is totally up my fucking alley.