I have been playing the Medal of Honor Beta on the 360. If you didn't know, it's being developed by DICE, the same em-effers that brought you Battlefield. So, unsurprisingly, it feels like Battlefield except the button layout is exactly like Call of Duty. So, if you had been following the game at all and found yourself asking, "Wait, Call of Duty and Battlefield had a baby?", then the answer is "Yes".

And it's retarded.

Not really. I just wanted to say that. It's a Beta, people. It's kinda broken. However, I can say that if you like Call of Dudes or Battledudes, you will find something to like in the Medal of Honor reboot.

Other than that, Carter and I have both been playing Limbo off and on. It's a very cool game that deserves your attention, especially if you like games like Braid or (god I'm old) Out Of This World (or Another World). Atmosphere and puzzle solving, that's what it's all about.

Good times, good times.