I hope you were sitting down. There's an awful lot of awesome you've just been hit in the face with, and we're desperately trying to not get sued this month. In the likely case that you're a male and don't read Cosmo, here's a little peek into their world. The pictures alone are worth a look, but the titles of these articles really make you wonder if the future of print is worth saving.

So this is the new site. There's a lot going on with it, but the general consensus here at the office is that it's a vast improvement and will not need to be changed ever again. Until, of course, it needs to be changed again. That's all the site design discussion we're going to engage in here. I plan on writing something about it on Out to Lunch, eventually. Tell you what; I'll call you when it's ready.

For the seven people on the planet who haven't yet heard about it, a man has finally achieved the ever-elusive American Dream, specifically the one where an under-paid and under-appreciate blue-collar worker takes back the reins of his own destiny, becomes sick as hell and decides he just won't take it anymore.

I speak of none other than Stephen Slater, the now-legendary JetBlue flight attendant who told an entire plane of passengers to go fuck themselves before grabbing two beers from the galley, crossing his arms over his chest and exiting the plane via the emergency slide. His actions, precipitated by a dick-head who refused to apologize for his luggage striking Slater, have now replaced the meaning of the phrase "Busting A Slater." It dethroned the original meaning, which was this series of moves.


Carter may not want to talk about it much, but I do. First of all, behold, two posts on one day. We can both say things now. Second, check out the randomly changing banners. We will be adding those as we see fit. They are fun.

Also, I want to hear about the design from you guys. Communication with you guys will make this site better. So please, even if it's just a thumbs up or down, leave a comment. Let me know. Nothing is sacred, everything is permitted. Or something like that.

I respect you as a professional.