We humbly present to you Elrond Hubbard; his technology always sound, his reasoning always bordering on retarded.

I just got back from Maine for a week-long sojourn in one of my favorite places anywhere. (I really like that shirt, too) My journey has had a number of side effects, not the least of which was my complete abdication of any work I should have been doing for the site. Luckily, Paul is always around to construct the comic in my perpetual absence, even if he occasionally makes me wish we had a guidance counselor on staff.

I did have some interesting conversations while gone, and the crux of the more important ones centered on how people interact with information now that it's all connected to (and stored on) the Internet. The central thesis seemed to be that the distraction inherent in constant contact to an endless torrent of hyperlinked videos, articles, blogs and email (in short, the Internet) is far too powerful for humans to resist and winds up preventing a great deal of in-depth thought and forming complex connections.

I'm told by these people that there is a great deal of scientific research to support their claims. While this may be true, all I know for certain is that due to geographical and economic realities, I had a very hard time connecting to the Internet or getting reliable cell service for about 9 days, in which time I read two books (one of which was Stephen King's epic "Under The Dome"), took 550 pictures and signed a new client.

I also had a meaningful conversation with my father, something that happens once every 7 years or so, and got to know my niece.

Is there a direct connection between unplugging from the Internet for large portions of the day (or even week) and an increase in the ability to concentrate on, and therefore experience more fully, the things in one's life? I can't say. But I think I'm going to try it. Just for a little while longer.


“Everyone gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” - Gertrude Stein

Thanks to the person that sent me this. You know who you are.


Last thing today, I promise.

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I know, I know. The things we can do.