I got the Force Unleashed 2 in the mail today and I am having way more fun with it than the demo lead me to believe I would. I suggest you try it at some point. They tightened it up a bit. Oh, and it is beautiful.

Still having some issues with Fallout: New Vegas. The glitches are pretty much game breaking. Check it out. The game does not give me a perk when I level up. That is to say, when I was still able to level up. See, I've been level 5 for hours now, killing any number of things, discovering locations, picking locks and all the other things that give you XP. Except my leveling bar has not budged. So, yeah. I can't level up in an RPG. Seems pretty broken to me.

I'm taking a break from it. I'll return when I can muster the will to replay large sections of Fallout 3. I mean, wait. No, yeah, that's about right.


EDIT: I seriously just finished The Force Unleashed 2. Had I actually paid for this game, I would be super pissed. There are 3 locations to visit. Sure, these levels are expansive, and there are a few jaw-dropping set pieces, but I just can't abide a Star Wars story that is kind of like a run to the super market, followed by a quick stop at the bank and then straight back home. Even if Vader's waiting with a roast, an epic journey that ain't.