The art in this strip may look weird. I'm using a different version of the ol' shop now. Getting stuff to work properly took longer because I'm stupid.

So, if it looks bad, blame Carter. Through faulty logic, it's totally his fault... y logic. Look, I'm posting this at 4am. Give me a break.

Go do some cocaine. That is the lesson everyone should take away from this.

Star Wars sucks.


Because I'll occasionally wake up to a statement like that from Paul.

I'd like to formally state that it is not the official position of The Crooked Gremlins that "Star Wars sucks."

Now, I understand that certain sequel to certain video game centered around a certain Sith Lord might have been a bit on the short side, but let's not slander an entire movie/book/CCG/table top/breakfast cereal franchise over it.

What? Yes. I am, in fact, wearing a Star Wars T-Shirt right now. What of it?


I mis-spoke. Clearly, Paul wasn't committing slander by writing that "Star Wars sucks."

In print it's called libel.