Yeah, it's a video game comic. If you don't play Halo: Reach, here's the skinny: You unlock armor modifications as you rank up. These do nothing but display just how lonely you really are. Since the new maps came out, Carter and I jumped back into the fray, only to find more ridiculous looking dudes running around than the last time we got online to destroy hopes and dreams. Here's a tip on how to put your dude together, straight from the guy who wants you to look as dumb as possible: Equip the biggest shoulder pads that you can find. VW Bugs? ATTACH THEM SHITS TO YOUR HAIRY-ASS SHOULDERS. Now you're ready to fight, asshole!

Also, if you couldn't care less about that bullshit I just put together, I made another comic just for you. A little bit of old school gremlins, comin' at you.

By The Numbers

You are the reoccurring kind, you never really leave my mind.


I found these posters this guy designed (via kottke). Really rad stuff for the minimalist designer that lives inside all of us.

Here's one of my favorites: A Penguin Classic: Shaun of the Dead

This one also is inspired: Monsters, inc.