That's actually what they call those in the Himalayan region of Bhutan. I couldn't pass on this joke.

The saga continues... TOMORROW!! WHOOOAAAAAAAA!!!! Did someone say "making up for late posts"? WHOOOOAAAAA!!!

I played a good amount of the Killzone 3 beta this weekend. There's something about the gunplay that I LOVE, yet I can't quite put my finger on it. It's probably a bunch of stuff coming together at once, a good goulash, baby. As of Monday, though, I cannot connect to the actual multiplayer, just Botzone. Was it just a weekend deal, or what? I know I could check the internet, I mean, it's right there, but I'm not gonna.

Can't make me!

Splatterhouse is so dumb. And so broken. The audio drops out constantly. I'd complain more, but the audio sucks. I'm almost glad it left. The party is better without it. Whatever, I'll punch some more crap for a while, then it's back to Gamefly. Can't decide if piecing together naked pictures of Rick's girlfriend is entertainingly stupid, or just the regular kind.

At the gentle age of 9, I bought my first 45. And then I drink, yeah I drink, yeah I been drinkin' in the trees.