Let me make something clear.

I am enrolled at the Penny Arcade Academy. They school me constantly. It is the only strip I check every few days. The rest I wait on, eventually running through the five or so that I''ve missed, catching up and enjoying myself. Penny Arcade, I just have to know immediately what the update was. I'm sure there are many who feel the same way. Chances are, if you read this strip, you read Penny Arcade. They are a household name at this point. For good reason.

All I'm saying with this strip: They have a schtick. Or multiple schticks. This is just one of them. And you know what? Even reducing it to its formula is funny. Hence the strip. It's almost hommage.

I wish I could allow myself to do the topical strip (we have, I won't). It seems like you'd never run out of ideas as long as something was happening. It goes like this:

Event > Reactionary Conversation Between Funny People > Artwork > Comic Strip > Merch > Money > Boredom > Fight Club > Hospital > Yacht Store > Whale Sex > ? > Martha Stewart > Entire Section At K-Mart/Martha Stewart Sleeping In My Bed At Night, Fuckface.

And. Who. Can't. Go. For. THAT. SHIT.

Pillows that smell like cinnamon.